VVPAT Full Form

What Is The VVPAT Full Form: VVPAT Meaning

Do you know what is the VVPAT Full Form? Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail, which is the VVPAT Full Form, is a paperless electronic ballot machine.

What is the Full Form of VVPAT – An introduction

VVPAT FULL FORM stands for Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail which is an independent paper record of the electronic voting machine. VVPAT is gotten in touch with EVM via a printer port, which tape-records ballot data as well as counters in a paper slip to confirm the correct recording of the vote by EVM. Voters can verify their ballots prior to casting ballots which assists to remove the chances of electoral fraud and also rigging.

VVPAT is one of the most essential tools presented by the Election Payment of India in the field of Electoral Reforms.

VVPT serves the aesthetically tested citizens, uneducated voters, and also seniors that can not read or contact inspect that their ballots are correctly cast on EVMs as well as they do not get any kind of chance to question concerning it later on. Every signed-up citizen is not Enabled To Touch the EVM unless a tally has been cast for that voter.

Importance of VVPAT Full Form:

VVPAT is valuable for a voter to inspect that his vote is cast based on his wishes. VVPAT can be a fantastic assistance for citizens who are literally challenged and can not utilize EVMs.

Citizens can validate their ballots prior to casting ballots which helps to remove the possibility of selecting fraud and rigging. Moreover, this system of proof makes it difficult for any person to run away from their responsibilities under the Electoral Act.

VVPAT can be used where EVM can not be utilized because of its weight or other issues relating to which there are some disadvantages in its usage.

Advantages of VVPAT:

If EVM is hacked the system must guarantee that just in case of hacking there is a paper trail.

VVPAT will certainly profit every person because everybody deserves to recognize their ballot. Additionally, it would assist to decrease the opportunities for electoral fraudulence as well as rigging. It will additionally reduce stress on citizens at the time of voting, which requires not being tensed over electoral scams as well as rigging.

The VVPAT system reassures the electorate that every vote is counted and it gets rid of any kind of opportunity of tampering with EVM votes. VVPAT guarantees transparency in addition to the accuracy of the voting system.

VVPAT Full Form
What is VVPAT Full Form?

Need for VVPAT:

The expense of every EVM is between Rs. 15,000 to 20,000 as well as its upkeep expense is around Rs. 1000/- annually which has actually caused a high cost of conducting elections in India but this cash will be conserved if the VVPAT system is implemented.

Election expenditure in India varies between 5000 crores to 10000 crores which are fairly high when compared with the countries like Germany, the USA, Canada, and France which invest 300 crores each for election functions specifically. This massive expenditure can be reduced by applying this VVPAT system in elections.

The VVPAT system will additionally help to make sure that EVM is not to be used in a worldwide political election as well. International elections will certainly be carried out with a paper trail which will certainly make certain that EVMs do not tamper. This can prevent dreadful impacts in the case of the UN, EU, or any other global election.

VVPAT system can lower the opportunities of selecting scams and rigging as it has no range for disloyalty as it provides a paper copy of the vote cast by the voter and also a citizen can examine his ballot prior to casting. Therefore, Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail is helpful for every person in India.

How is VVPAT helpful?

  • Citizen can verify their votes before casting a ballot which helps to remove opportunities for selecting scams and rigging.
  • VVPAT system gives confidence to the electorate that every ballot is counted as well as it gets rid of any type of chance of tampering with EVM votes.
  • VVPAT system ensures transparency in addition to the accuracy of the ballot system.
  • VVPAT can reduce the possibility of selecting frauds and also set up it has no scope for cheating as it offers a paper copy of a vote cast by a citizen and a citizen can check his ballot before casting.
  • VVPAT is a paper trail that supplies openness in happenings in elections such as counting, examining the cases of corruption, and so on.
  • VVPAT aids to save cash which can be made use of for various other essential purposes like enlightening individuals, removing their names in cases of disputes, etc.
  • VVPAT is a straightforward much valuable device that can be used in establishing countries like India, if applied it would help to reduce the substantial expense of elections.
  • It is a proof system on which no one can refute their activity.
  • VVPAT aids to enhance the self-confidence degree of citizens in political election procedures.
  • It helps to prevent illegal voting and also corrupt techniques such as cubicle recording etc
  • Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail makes elections accurate by preventing over and also under-voting by the bodies’ politics and also ensures that everyone has only one ballot like they are qualified to so that we have a fair election system.
  • Its confirmation helps to get rid of the possibilities of EVM adjustment.
  • VVPAT makes political elections transparent and also assists to minimize electoral fraudulence as well as rigging by tape-recording the data theoretically.
  • A voter can check their vote before casting a ballot which helps to reduce the chances of electoral scams as well as rigging.
  • It is a proof system on which nobody can deny their activity.
  • It will aid in lowering corruption as people will certainly know that their vote is videotaped theoretically, which is much more clear and more accurate than digital voting machines.

VVPAT system offers citizens a sense of security as they can check whether their votes are properly cast or not in the EVM survey prior to casting a ballot.

Interesting Truths about VVPAT-

  • VVPAT slip is shown for 7 seconds prior to its instantly cut and falls in the covered decline box of the VVPAT.
  • VVPAT does not need a battery as it works on Powerpack Battery
  • Generally, Counting the vote of one VVPAT takes one hr.
  • The VVPAT was first deployed in the bye-election for the Noksen Setting up a seat in the Tuensang area of Nagaland in September 2013.
  • VVPAT consists of a Printer and also a VVPAT Status Display System (VSDU).


VVPAT system is a vital gadget presented by the Political election Payment of India to make certain transparency as well as accuracy in EVMS. Political elections in India will be conducted with a paper trail which will guarantee that EVMs are not hacked or tampered with. This can avoid disastrous effects in the case of the UN, EU, or any other worldwide political election. The Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail system can additionally conserve a lot of money which can be made use of for other vital functions like enlightening individuals, removing their names in cases of conflicts, and so on. VVPAT being proof is handy for impaired citizens also.

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