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What Is The ITC Full Form: ITC Meaning and Diverse Business Segments

Do you know what is the ITC Full Form? The full form of ITC is Imperial Tobacco Company of India Limited. The Imperial Tobacco Company of India Limited is a leading tobacco company based in India that manufactures and sells a variety of tobacco and non-tobacco products.

Established in 1910, the company has a rich history of growth and expansion through mergers and acquisitions. Over the years, the Imperial Tobacco Company of India Limited has established a significant market presence in India and other countries, offering a wide range of products to cater to diverse consumer needs.

What is the ITC Full Form?

ITC Full Form – Imperial Tobacco Company of India Limited

Information of ITC

The Imperial Tobacco Company of India Limited (ITC) is one of India’s leading diversified conglomerates, with a focus on fast-moving consumer goods, agriculture, and hospitality. Imperial Tobacco Company of India Limited, was founded in 1910. It was later renamed I.T.C. Limited in 1974, and then to ITC Ltd. in September 2000. In 2010, the company celebrated its centenary. Today, ITC operates across five diverse business segments and has over 60 centres throughout India, employing over 25,000 people. While cigarettes were its primary product in the past, the company has since diversified its offerings.

History of the Imperial Tobacco Company of India Limited

ITC was founded in 1910 as the Imperial Tobacco Company of India Limited to manufacture and distribute cigarettes in India. The company quickly established itself as a leading player in the tobacco industry and expanded its operations into other tobacco-related products such as tobacco leaf, cigars, and cigarette paper. ITC is a prominent Indian conglomerate operating across five business segments, with its headquarters located in Kolkata, West Bengal. As of March 2017, Sanjiv Puri holds the position of CEO at ITC.

The following are the five business segments:

  • Agri-Business
  • Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)
  • Information Technology
  • Hotels
  • Packaging and Paperboards

I.T.C.’s Objectives and Key Values:


  • To improve and enhance the wealth-generating capabilities of the business in a globalizing environment
  • To provide sustainable and exceptional value to stakeholders
  • To maintain high standards of corporate governance and ethics
  • To promote environmental sustainability and minimize the company’s impact on the environment
  • To continuously strive for excellence and innovation in all aspects of the business
  • To contribute to the economic development and well-being of the communities in which the company operates.

Key Values:

  • Customer Focus
  • Nation Orientation
  • Innovation
  • Respect for People
  • Trusteeship

The followings are the products and brands of ITC Ltd:


  • ITC Ltd. is a leading seller of cigarettes in India, with an 80% market share.
  • Over 275 million people in India use tobacco products, making the market worth almost 35,000 crores.

Personal Care Products:

  • ITC offers a range of personal care products, including perfumes, hair care, and body care products, under brands such as Vivel, Superia, and Engage.


  • ITC’s major food brands include Sunfeast, Aashirwaad, Yippee, Candyman, and Bingo.
  • It operates in four categories of the food business: staples, snack foods, confectionery, and ready-to-eat foods.

Lifestyle Apparel:

  • Wills Lifestyle and John Players are ITC’s lifestyle apparel brands.

Agarbattis and Safety Matches:

  • Ship and Aim are ITC’s safety match brands, while Mangaldeep is its agarbatti brand.

Stationery and Paperboard:

  • ITC manufactures and sells stationery and paperboard products under brands such as Classmate, Color Crew, and PaperKraft.

Packages and Printing:

  • ITC provides packaging and printing services for both domestic and export markets.

Information Technology:

  • ITC operates as ITC InfoTech India Ltd, an SEI CMM Level 5 company, in the information technology sector.
ITC Full Form

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FAQs- What Is The ITC Full Form?

Q.1. What is the ITC Full Form?

Ans. The full form of ITC is ITC Limited.

Q.2. What does ITC Limited do?

Ans. ITC Limited is a conglomerate company that operates in a wide range of industries, including cigarettes, food and beverages, personal care products, apparel, stationery, paperboard, agarbattis, safety matches, information technology, and packaging and printing.

Q.3. When was ITC Limited founded?

Ans. ITC Limited was founded in 1910 as the Imperial Tobacco Company of India Limited.

Q.4. Where is ITC Limited headquartered?

Ans. ITC Limited is headquartered in Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

Q.5. Who is the current CEO of ITC Limited?

Ans. The current CEO of ITC Limited was Sanjiv Puri.

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