What Is The DCP Full Form: DCP Meaning and Role of DCP

DCP Full Form

Do you know what is the DCP Full Form? The full form of DCP in English is Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) and in Hindi; the DCP Full Form is Deputy Commissioner of Police. The Deputy Commissioner of Police is a senior position in the Indian Police or State Police. And the responsibilities of the Deputy Commissioner of Police are to handle the command of the District Police.

A DCP is in charge of overseeing and supervising the actions of the police and acts as the head of the criminal administration.

The Deputy Commissioner of Police has the responsibility of maintaining law and order and peace in the Indian Union Territory or District. The Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) is also known as the District Police Chief. This post is similar to the post of Superintendent of Police in urban areas with the Police Commissionerate system. To identify the officer of this rank, a national flag is shown above a star on the officer’s shoulder. This post of DCP is found available in urban areas only.

What is the full form of DCP?

DCP Full Form: Deputy Commissioner of Police

What are the responsibilities of DCP?

DCP has many responsibilities towards the constitution of our country and towards the people here. We look at some of the DCP’s responsibilities:

  • Maintaining law and order in the city
  • To reduce criminal activities
  • To enforce and maintain a fairly law and order
  • Save people’s lives, property, human rights, liberty, and dignity
  • To defend internal security like- to stop terrorist attacks, societal turmoil, militant movements and other issues that harm the internal security of the country, a state and district
  • With your personal preventive steps and measures, to protect you from crimes and reduce the chances of crime happening

How To Become a Deputy Commissioner of Police( DCP)?

  • To achieve a DCP rank, candidates must pass the civil services exam with high grades.
  • The selection process is done in three stages, the candidate must qualify in each stage.
  • Only those candidates can become the Deputy Commissioner of Police who are eligible for the post of IPS officer, and the selection process is based on the exam marks. Before UPSC CSE exam candidates must first fulfil the basic requirement of IPS (who wants to join IPS).
  • The candidate’s age is 21-32. should be between.
  • Candidate must be fit mentally or physically.
  • Indian citizenship is necessary to become a DCP.
  • Must have passed Bachelor’s degree or equivalent degree from a recognized institute.
  • This is an IPS senior-level rank.
  • An IPS officer is promoted to SP/DSP in 4 years, that is a senior pay scale.
  • So if you want to become a DCP, you must first hold the rank of an IPS officer, which can be obtained via UPSC or via promotion from the state police service.
  • Within 5 years, an IPS officer is appointed to the post of SP without any delay. And within the United States, a Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) who becomes employed rises to the rank without delay after 14 years of service.
DCP Full Form
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DCP Full Forms

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  • December 27, 2023