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CISF full from

Do you know the CISF Full Form? The full form of CISF is Central Industrial Security Force. The CISF is a Central Armed Police Force that works under the Ministry of Home Affairs of the government of India. The CISF headquarter is located in New Delhi, India and it is the world’s largest industrial security force with 170,000 workforces in its 132 battalions. Till September 2016 the Director General of CISF was Shri O.P Singh. And now the current Director General of CISF is Shri Sheel Vardhan Singh.

What is the CISF Full Form?

CISF full from

CISF Full From – Central Industrial Security Force

History and Background of CISF

Establishment of CISF

CISF was established in 1969 under an Act of Parliament to provide security cover to Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) of India.

Development of CISF

Over the years, the CISF has evolved and expanded its role to provide security to a wide range of critical infrastructure including airports, seaports, power plants, oil installations, and other important buildings and monuments.

CISF in the Present Scenario

In the present scenario, CISF is one of the largest and most respected security forces in India. It has established itself as a professional and competent security agency with a focus on providing a safe and secure environment for the people of the country.

Recruitment and Training of CISF Personnel

The Central Industrial Security Force (CISF Full Form) is responsible for providing security to various public sector undertakings and other important establishments across India. To fulfil this important role, CISF recruits personnel through a rigorous selection process and provides them with extensive training and development.

CISF Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for CISF Recruitment differ depending on the post applied for. However, the general requirements include Indian citizenship, minimum educational qualification and maximum age limit. Physical and medical fitness is also essential for CISF personnel.

Selection Process and Examinations

The selection process for CISF personnel consists of a written test, physical standard test, physical efficiency test, medical examination and personal interview. The written test consists of objective-type questions related to topics such as General Awareness, Reasoning and Numerical Ability.

Training and Development of CISF Personnel

CISF personnel are given extensive training which covers many subjects like arms handling, disaster management, counter-terrorism and crowd control. They also undergo regular refresher courses to stay updated with the latest developments in the security sector.

Why is CISF important?

The CISF is an important paramilitary force in India responsible for ensuring the security of various industrial sectors, and government installations and also assisting other law enforcement agencies.
In government organizations and the private sector, the CISF also provides consultancy services. Some popular consultancy wings of CISF include TISCO, Orissa Mining Co., IB Thermal Power Plant and NBRI.
The CISF have primarily three branches: The executive branch, The Ministerial branch, and The Fire Service branch. These three branches are divided into six sectors and each sector is led by Sector Inspector General. The sectors are listed below:

  1. Northern Sector with headquarters at New Delhi
  2. Southern Sector with headquarters at Chennai
  3. Eastern Sector with headquarters at Patna
  4. Western Sector with headquarters at Mumbai
  5. North Eastern Sector with headquarters at Kolkata
  6. Airport Sector with headquarters in New Delhi

Major Rank in CISF

  • Additional Director General
  • Assistant Inspector General
  • Commandant
  • Deputy Commandant
  • Deputy Inspector General
  • Director General
  • Inspector General              

FAQs- What Is The CISF Full Form?

What is the CISF Full Form?

The CISF Full Form is Central Industrial Security Force.

What is the CISF?

The Central Industrial Security Force is a central armed police force in India under the Ministry of Home Affairs.

When was the CISF established?

The CISF was established on March 15, 1969.

What is the role of the CISF?

The CISF is responsible for providing security cover to industrial units, government infrastructure projects, and facilities, and also protects persons who are under threat of terrorist attacks.

What are some of the major responsibilities of the CISF?

Some of the major responsibilities of the CISF include airport security, VIP security, nuclear installations security, security of government buildings, and security of heritage monuments.

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  • January 6, 2024