What Is The CDC Full Form: Role and Importance of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

CDC Full Form

Do you know what is the CDC Full Form? CDC is an abbreviation in the medical sector and it has various full forms in various categories. In the medical sector, the full form of the CDC stands for Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. See below to learn more about what CDC is, its abbreviations, definitions and all full forms.

What is the CDC Full Form

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is the full name of the CDC.

The Brief History of the CDC

The CDC has its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. The CDC is the top national public health organization in the US. The Department of Health and Human Services is the federal agency for the CDC in the US. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are responsible for observing and analyzing patterns in public health.

It releases weekly statistics, important health information, and traveller health warnings on all illnesses and fatalities recorded in the US. To stop epidemic infections, the CDC also employs specialized rapid-response teams. Its main aim is to safeguard public health and safety by preventing and controlling illness, disability, and harm both locally (in America) and internationally.

The CDC focuses on implementing and developing disease control and preventive strategies at a national level. It primarily focuses on food-borne pathogens, infectious diseases, environmental health, workplace safety and health, injury prevention, health promotion, and educational initiatives aimed at enhancing the health of US residents. In addition, the CDC is a founding member of the International Association of National Public Health Institutes and conducts research and disseminates data on non-infectious disorders including diabetes and obesity.

CDC collaboration with other Agencies

The CDC operates its operations through its centres, institutes, and offices together referred to as CIOs. These facilities, which each function according to their particular areas of expertise, help the CDC acquire information swiftly.

Additionally, the CDC collaborates with other global organizations including the World Health Organization. The International Health Regulations is one of the projects they are both presently working on.

IHR is a legally binding agreement that includes 196 nations, in order to monitor, manage, and stop the worldwide transmission of illness. There are programs like the Global Disease Detection Program involved. The CDC has personnel in more than 60 nations to assist in this effort and monitor any potential illness outbreaks.

CDC Full Form

Other CDC Full Forms

See the list of other full forms of CDA here:

TermFull FormCategory
CDCCentres for Disease Control and Prevention (US)Medical/Healthcare
CDCCurrent Dated ChequeBanking
CDCControlled Dispersion CharacteristicPhysics Related
CDCConsultancy Development CentreMinistry of Science and Technology
CDCChanged Data CaptureSoftwares
CDCCollege Development CouncilChandigarh Government
CDCConnected Device ConfigurationNetworking
CDCCore Domain ControllerNetworking
CDCClass Device ContextNetworking
CDCClearly Deceptive CalculationsAccounts and Finance
CDCCurrent Dated CheckAccounts and Finance
CDCConfined Detonating CordSpace Science
CDCCountdown ClockSpace Science
CDCControl Data CorporationSpace Science
CDCCedar City (ut)Airport Code
CDCCertified Development CompanyCertifications
CDCChef de cuisineHotel
CDCCentral Defense CommandArmy
CDCContinuous Discharge CertificateShipping
CDCChange Data CaptureComputer
CDCCommunication Daughter CardComputer Hardware
CDCCd Data ControllerComputer Hardware
CDCConnection Device ConfigurationComputer Hardware
CDCCenter for Disease Control…itDisease
CDCCenter for Disease ControlDisease
CDCCentres for Disease ControlDisease
CDCCenter of Disease ControlDisease
CDCCentral Depository CompanyStock Exchange
CDCCentral Depository Company of Pakistan LimitedStock Exchange
CDCCore Data CenterMilitary and Defence
CDCCenter for Disaster ControlMilitary and Defence
CDCCombat Developments CourseMilitary and Defence
CDCCadet Deputy CommanderMilitary and Defence
CDCClassified Doctrine ConceptMilitary and Defence
CDCConus Demobilization CenterMilitary and Defence
CDCCentres for Disease Control and PreventionMilitary and Defence

FAQ- What is the full form of the CDC

Q.1. What is the CDC Full Form?

Answer: The full form of the CDC is the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (US).

Q.2. What is the CDC Full Form in Computer?

Answer: Change Data Capture

Q.3. What is the CDC full form in shipping?

Answer: Continuous Discharge Certificate-cum-Seafarer’s Identity Document

Q.4. What is the CDC Full Form in Army?

Answer: Central Defense Command

Q.5. What is the CDC full form in Hotel?

Answer: Chef de cuisine

Q.6. What is the CDC full form in medical?

Answer: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Q.7. What is the CDC full form in Hindi?

Answer: In Hindi, the Full form of CDC is रोग नियंत्रण एवं निवारण केंद्र.

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  • January 6, 2024