CID Full Form

What Is The CID Full Form: CID Meaning, History and Role

What Is CID Full Form?

Do you know what is the CID Full Form? CID is an insight as well as an examination wing of the Indian state police. In English, CID Full Form is Crime Investigation Department while in Hindi it stands for अपराध जांच विभाग. It is just one of the government divisions which take care of the major devices of the police department. It is led by the Added Supervisor General of Authorities (ADGP). The division is directed by the Inspector-General of Cops (IGP). The department has various positions of authority that typically work in regular garments as well as they are known as CID police officers or Investigators.

In 1929, the CID was separated right into Special Branch – CID as well as Crime Investigation Department- CID (CB-CID). The Unique Branch collects, looks at as well as distributes knowledge with regard to various communal, terrorist, political, and labor activities in relation to different order problems like anxieties, strikes, demos, and so on.

CID Features

For the maintenance of law and order in their nation, the British government began CID in 1902, on the proposition of the Authorities’ Payment. The head office of CID lies in Pune which explores figured-out cases left by the Indian government and also the DGP (Supervisor General of Police). CID has several functions, some of the major ones are listed here:

  • CID investigates criminal situations such as theft, robbery, murder, common riots, and rape, as well as many more situations.
  • It collects realities, proof of fraudulence, and also criminal cases, and also, at last, they present crooks to the court and apprehend the lawbreakers.
  • It examines the situations with the help of the regional police.
  • It exchanges the info of instances as well as works with activities with other agencies.

Essential Criteria to Come To Be a CID Officer

An individual needs to satisfy the following criteria to end up being a CID policeman:

  • Candidates should be citizens of India.
  • To sign up as a sub-inspector or officer: the applicant must finish their college graduation from a reputed university.
  • To sign up as a constable: the candidate must finish their 12th or Higher additional certification from any kind of stream.
  • The applicant ought to have a minimum age of twenty years and also the optimum age restriction is 27 years. 3-5 years of age relaxation might be there for OBC, SC/ST.
  • The candidate needs to clear a created examination of the Indian Civil Services assessment organized by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) and Staff Selection Compensation (SSC) every year, physical fitness, and meeting rounds.
  • The applicant should have a sharp vision, wonderful character judgment, the ability to oversee a group, and also outstanding memory.
CID Full Form
What is CID Full Form?

CID Branches

This division was split into specified branches i.e. CID and CB-CID in 1929. Below is the checklist of CID branches.

  • CB-CID
  • CID and also the Crime Investigation Department (CID Full Form)
  • Anti-Terrorism Wing
  • Anti-Human Trafficking & Missing out on Person cell
  • Anti-Narcotics Cell
  • Finger Publish Bureau
  • Division of Civil Rights
  • Bank Frauds
  • Pet dog Team
  • Crime Investigation Department Ranks

Generally, the CID police officers utilize the ‘investigative’ word before their rank/position. The grade or ranking of CID is Sub- Inspectors, Inspectors, Superintendents, Extra Supervisor General of Authorities (ADGP), and Inspector-General of policies (IGP).

Job as a CID Police officer

CID officer is the very best career option for an individual that wishes to make their career in the field of criminal justice. These officers examine grandfather clauses designated by the federal government. To make a career in the field of criminal justice or as a CID policeman one should have the skills like critical thinking, analytical, and also reasoning to resolve the matters associated with the investigation, criminal activity, prosecution, and also collection of criminal intelligence.

Types of Task Roles for CID Police Officers

Based on the rate of interest of CID Full Form, the candidate there are various work functions offered to come to be a CID policeman:

  • Policeman’s
    They respond to the collection of proof, problems, as well as incidents, record interactions, and also warn against criminal activities by tracking threats to public safety.
  • Criminologist
    The criminologists do research, establish theories, check out criminal offense scenes, and compose a report. They use their analytical background to recognize and understand criminal behavior.
  • Narcotics Police officer
    These officers help protect against illegal drug usage and circulation. They flow details concerning the prevention of medications within society. Additionally, they may compose records for cases and also evaluate evidence for cases.
  • Fraud Detective
    The scam private investigator checks out fraud by recovering declarations of reality, witnesses, company, and confessions from issues. Aside from this, they do research, evaluate, and evaluate evidentiary information. They oversee the growth as well as execution of scam avoidance, discovery, and resolution approaches.
  • Legal assistant Police officer
    To determine sources of activity and also to prepare cases the paralegal examines the truth and also regulations of situations. Many times they work for law officers, courts, or company lawful departments together with this they additionally help lawyers in declaring instance materials like memoranda, applications, etc.

Pay Scale for CID Policeman

Depending upon the message, CID income package policeman also varies:

Fraudulence Detective: A fraud private investigator may have a salary package varying from 2.5 Lakhs to 11 Lakhs per year.
Police Officer: A police officer might get an approximate income of regarding 1.7 to Lakhs to 7.8 Lakhs per annum.
Paralegal Policeman: A legal assistant police officer may obtain an approximate income bundle of regarding 2.2 Lakhs to 7.1 Lakhs per annum.

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