10 Best Erotic Ullu Web Series Names & Videos

Ullu Web Series

Ullu App, an on-demand streaming app, has grown as a major center for bold and sexy Indian ullu web series.

These adult sexual web series have become increasingly popular among young people worldwide thanks to their premise, characters, and storyline. The main audience for these online series is anyone over the age of 18, given their unlimited explicit content.

As web series are becoming more and more popular, plenty of new OTT platforms are available for you to watch. One of the OTT platforms focused on sexual material that is growing fastest is Ullu TV. The platform gained popularity among youngsters soon after it launched in 2018 because of its mature, controversial, and sensual material. Because Ullu is not as well-known as other platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, etc., the adult web series are inexpensive there. You may still fall in love with a lot of web series on Ullu, though. We’ll talk about the top adult 10 sexy hot Ullu web series list right here.

1. Black Coffee (2019) – Ullu Web Series

Deepak Pandey is the director of Black Coffee, a sexual fantasy drama ullu hot web series. The main character of the story is Boss Riya, who, after receiving black coffee from his assistant, becomes insane. She wants to become intimate with him. She finds Arjun fascinating as well, especially when she’s feeling kinky. Vibrant sceneries are a recurring theme in this web series.

Kajal Shankawar, Sparsh Shrivastav, Akshaya Shetty, and Diksha make up the primary cast of this show. The story of passion and love also has a distinctive plot twist. There are just two episodes in the series, and each one lasts for 12 to 14 minutes. Watching the series will hardly take 30 minutes.

2. Anniversary Surprise (2018)

Director Bhavin Wadiya is in control of the sexual suspense-thriller web series Anniversary Surprise.

The murder that occurred at a resort is the subject of the web series. Who has been slain is the key question. It may have been anybody from Priyanka, Mahi, Raj Malik, Raj’s wife, or Malik’s secretary/lover. The online series focuses on relationships that involve marriage, anniversaries, and dating.  Tarun Khem, Swagata, Shikha Chhabra, and Yash Pandit are among the cast members of this web series. With a short running time for each episode, Anniversary Surprise is divided into three sections.

3. Mona Home Delivery (2019)

The sexy comedy-drama online series Mona Home Delivery is available on Ullu. It focuses on Mona (Kangna Sharma), a poor lady who wants to better her lot in life. She thus turns into an escort.

The passionate and sexy series follows Mona’s journey and her comprehension of the things she encounters. Mona Home Delivery is like a hot plate of passion and feelings. This series is directed by Sanjiv R. Chadha.

The series boasts a stellar cast. Pratima Kazmi, Raju Kher, Ganesh Acharya, Rajpal Yadav, Mukesh Tiwari, Badrul Islam, Anant Jog, Rajesh Sharma, Shail Phull, and Vijay Raaz are among the celebrities. An eight-part television series called Mona Home Delivery explores the world of prostitution. Every episode imparts one lesson to the viewers.

4. Charmsukh (2019)

A popular daring and sexy ullu hot web series is called Charmsukh. Every episode has a new director and cast, as well as a unique plot. The show focuses on the characters’ sexual fantasies and the physical, psychological, or emotional challenges they face as a result of them.

The plot of the episode “Humse Ho Na Payega” is about a recently married couple who experience anxiety whenever they attempt to become romantic. With more than 20 episodes, Charmsukh is a comparatively long series.

5. Khul Ja Sim Sim (2020)

Ravikant Singh is the director of the sexual comedy-drama web series Khul Ja Sim Sim. The bold and sensual online serial centers on Simran, a young, beautiful lady who marries Awdesh. However, her hopes of enjoying a satisfying sex relationship vanish when she discovers her husband’s shortcomings.

After learning the truth, Simran is forced to control her cravings. However, shortly after, she became popular among the people, especially because of her kind nature. Among them is a cunning mobster who also wishes to wed her. The online series has a lot of humor and comedy together with seductive sexual themes. There are 8 episodes in Khul Ja Sim Sim. See how the plot develops by watching the series.

6. Kavita Bhabhi (2020)

The popular comic Kavita Bhabhi forms the basis for the sexy adult online series Kavita Bhabhi. This popular online series is co-created and directed by Faisal Saif.

The main character of the show is the youthful, attractive, and sensual Kavita Bhabi (Kavita Radheshyam), who provides men with a delightful phone consulting experience. She sexually heals guys who are drawn to her by telling them various bed stories sensually and romantically on each phone call.

In return for these phone calls, she charges a fair amount. This series features a good number of daring scenarios for viewers to witness. Divya Dwivedi (Rashmi, Aarti), Amita Nangia (mother-in-law), and Nishant Pandey (Karan, Ajay, Varun, and Avinash).

7. Melting Cheese (2018)

In 2018, the Hindi-language web series Melting Cheese made its debut on the ULLU streaming platform. Ishaan Chhabra and Deepika Singh play the main characters in the Deepak Pandey-directed production.

A newly married couple who move into a new flat and find an unknown journal that belonged to the previous owner are the subject of the television series.

Their relationship starts to suffer greatly as they read the journal and discover a sensational story of passion, love, and betrayal.

A daring and thought-provoking series, Melting Cheese delves into topics of betrayal, desire, and the difficulties of contemporary relationships. It is inappropriate for younger viewers since it contains sexual material. Melting Cheese is a highly recommended online series to watch in one sitting if you’re searching for something exciting and sensual.

8. Virgin Boys

The Ullu app is one of the most-watched Ullu web series. Gagan, Chuchu, and Chomu are three boys who are still virgins and find it difficult to enjoy physical pleasures. 

To relish their really thrilling path of sexual fulfillment, watch this series. Sarika Raghwa and Marina Kunwar are the primary actresses in this web serial.

9. Riti Riwaj

Riti Riwaj, one of the most anticipated sexy ullu webseries, focuses on a woman’s sexual desires a topic that is rarely discussed in public in our culture. This online series demonstrates how rural communities are still affected by the scarcity of water, as well as how one guy is satisfying his lust for several marriages. He can’t satisfy one of his wife’s erotic desires, though, and he has no idea how far she will go to satisfy another.

10. Gandu

Gandu is a brave online series that boldly tackled “Rape,” a highly delicate subject, in the program. Everyone is aware of the Bollywood industry and the high number of actors and actresses who are harassed in the hopes of making a big impression in their careers. In the online series, Shhagiir Khan takes on a certain issue.

The main character of the story is Vickey, a young, untrained actor who tries to get a chance to enter the industry. But while he was asleep, he was attacked by a well-known designer, and his life abruptly changed. He comes out against the designer as soon as he learns that he was raped, but he is unable to bring about justice.

The rest of the narrative centers on his fight to uphold his rights in a country where a “guy getting raped” is unheard of. Will they be successful in getting his victim justice? See this program to obtain all of the answers.


There is an extensive list of shows on the ullu web series that will appeal to an array of viewers in the Indian web series market, which has witnessed a notable surge in popularity in recent years. Together with each other, these sexy and adult online series are among the best on the Ullu app.

Ullu App offers a variety of sensual and appealing web series that appeal to audiences who enjoy material that is audacious and adventurous. The Ullu App offers something for everyone who likes daring and sultry material, whether it’s delving into personal circumstances or exploring unorthodox relationships. The app is a great choice for anybody seeking an audacious and exciting viewing experience.

The post highlights the top 10 Indian hot ullu web series that have captivated viewers with their striking concepts, compelling narratives, and exceptional acting.

These shows have distinguished themselves in the affordable streaming market by challenging conventional Indian entertainment while offering amusement. There is a web series on this list for everyone, regardless of your taste in crime, dramas, romantic comedies, or paranormal thrillers in order to binge-watch some of the top 10 Ullu web series available in India right now, grab some popcorn!

  • May 1, 2024