TDR Full Form

TDR Full Form: What does TDR stand for?

Do you know what is the TDR Full Form? The full form of TDR is Ticket Deposit Receipt. The Indian Railways provides guidelines for passengers who wish to file for a refund after canceling their train ticket for valid reasons.

The following are some valid reasons to cancel the ticket:

These reasons include situations such as train cancellations, delays exceeding three hours, issues with the air conditioning in AC coaches, passengers traveling without proper ID proof, or charging of extra fare by the TTE, among others.

What is the TDR Full Form?

TDR – Ticket Deposit Receipt

  • T- Time
  • D- Deposit
  • R- Receipt

TDR Refund Rules

In order to claim a refund through the Ticket Deposit Receipt (TDR) process, passengers must file their request within 30 days of the train’s departure. For E-tickets, refunds can be requested online. At the same time, a TDR must be obtained for I-tickets by surrendering the ticket to the station master and then sending the passenger’s claim and original copy of the TDR to the relevant address.

The Address is– General Manager, IRCTC Catering & Tourism, Corporation Ltd., Internet ticketing centers, State entry road, New Delhi 110055.

The TDR process can take up to 90 days, and the refund will be processed in accordance with railway rules.

How to fill up the TDR File

To file a TDR through IRCTC, passengers must log in to their account, access their booked ticket history, select the relevant PNR, and click on the File TDR tab. Passengers must then select the reason for claiming a refund and submit the application for approval.

It is important to note that the time period for refund and the approval of the TDR application varies depending on the reason for cancellation. Additionally, TDR applications require the approval of the zonal manager, and it is possible that an application may be rejected.

TDR Full Form – Time Domain Reflectometer

TDR stands for “Time Domain Reflectometer.” It is a technique used to locate faults, discontinuities, or changes in impedance in a transmission line or cable.

How TDR works

In TDR, a signal is sent down the transmission line, and any reflections caused by impedance mismatches, faults, or changes in the cable’s properties are measured and analyzed. TDR can determine the location and severity of the fault or discontinuity by measuring the time it takes for the signal to reflect back to the source.

TDR is commonly used in the telecommunications and network industries to diagnose cable faults. Still, it can also be used in other applications, such as locating pipeline leaks or detecting defects in printed circuit boards.

TDR Full Form- Term Deposit Receipt

TDR is an acronym that, depending on the situation, can mean various things. Term Deposit Receipt is one more definition of TDR, which is an account that holds a deposit for a predetermined period of time. Known as a fixed deposit scheme, this deposit account typically offers a higher interest rate than other deposit account types.

TDRs can mature between a few months and a few years and are offered by various financial institutions, including banks, credit unions, and thrift institutions. A TDR account’s funds cannot be withdrawn before the term has ended.

TDR Full Form

Other full forms of TDR word

TermFull FormCategory
TDRTicket Deposit ReceiptIndian Railways
TDRTerm Deposit ReceiptBanking
TDRTime-Domain ReflectometerElectronics
TDRTotal Debt RestructuringAccounts and Finance
TDRTheodoreAirport Code
TDRTimeout Detection and RecoveryComputer Hardware
TDRTime Domain ReflectometryElectronics
TDRTime-Domain ReflectometryElectronics
TDRContents of Arvid TapeFile Type
TDRTasks, Duties, and ResponsibilitiesJob Title
TDRTest Discrepancy ReportSpace Science
TDRTechnical Design ReviewSpace Science
TDRTechnical Documentation ReportSpace Science
TDRTotal Death RaceSports
TDRThe Death RaceSports
TDRThe Dark RidersMilitary and Defence
TDRTask Description ReportMilitary and Defence
TDRTraining Device RequirementMilitary and Defence
TDRTransportation Discrepancy ReportMilitary and Defence
TDRTransaction Data ReportTelecommunication
TDRTime Domain ReflectometerTelecommunication

FAQs – What is the full form of TDR?

What is the TDR Full Form?

The full form of TDR is Ticket Deposit Receipt.

What is the TDR full form in the Railway?

In Railway, the TDR means Ticket Deposit Receipt.

What is the full form of the TDR in Banking/Finance?

In Banking/Finance, the full form of TDR is Term Deposit Receipt.

What is a TDR used for?

It’s a document issued by a railway company (or other travel service provider) when a passenger seeks a refund for a booked ticket but doesn’t meet the regular cancellation criteria.

When can I file a TDR?

This varies depending on the provider and its specific rules. Common reasons include:
Train cancellation by the provider.
Train delay exceeding set limits.
Passenger missing the train due to circumstances beyond their control.
Incorrect class/coach provided at boarding.

What do I need to file a TDR?

This varies but usually requires your ticket, valid proof of the reason for filing, and ID.

Is there a fee for filing a TDR?

Sometimes, some providers might charge a processing fee.

How long does it take to process a TDR?

It can vary depending on the provider but typically takes several days or weeks.

Do I get a full refund through a TDR?

Not always. Depending on the reason and cancellation policy, you might receive a partial refund or none at all.

How will I receive my refund?

Usually, it’s credited back to the original payment method used for booking.

Where can I file a TDR for Indian Railways?

Online through the IRCTC website ( or at railway stations.

What are the TDR rules for Indian Railways?

For detailed information, refer to the official IRCTC TDR rules page.

How long does it take for an IRCTC TDR refund?

Usually within 60 days, but can sometimes take longer.

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