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What Is The ICDS Full Form: ICDS Meaning

Do you know what is the ICDS Full Form? The full form of ICDS is Integrated Child Development Services. The ICDS is a flagship program of the Government of India aimed at improving the development and health of children under six years old and their mothers. The program, which was launched in 1975, has been instrumental in addressing malnutrition and promoting early childhood development. ICDS is the world’s largest program of its kind, operating in all states and territories of India, and has been recognized internationally as an effective model for combating child malnutrition.

What is ICDS?

ICDS is a government-sponsored program in India aimed at providing holistic care for children under the age of six and pregnant as well as lactating women. This program attempts to address health, nutrition, and educational needs through a community-based approach.

History of ICDS

The ICDS program was launched on 2 October 1975 in response to the alarming rate of malnutrition and mortality among children in India. Since then, the program has expanded to reach millions of children and women, with a focus on providing comprehensive care to the most marginalized and vulnerable communities.

Objectives of ICDS

  • Enhancing the health and nutrition of children under six years old is a primary objective.
  • Implementing programs that promote the social, physical, and psychological development of children.
  • Lowering mortality rates, illnesses, infant malnutrition, and school dropouts through interventions.
  • Boosting maternal health and educating mothers about addressing their child’s educational and nutritional needs via proper health and nutrition education.

Key Components of ICDS

ICDS offers the following services to help achieve its objectives:

  1. Supplementary nutrition
  2. Pre-school (Non-Formal) Education
  3. Immunisation
  4. Referral services
  5. Health inspections
  6. Health and nutrition information
ICDS Full Form

ICDS Impact and Benefits

ICDS has had a positive impact on child health and development in India. The program provides a range of services, including immunization, growth monitoring, and early childhood stimulation, which help improve the health and nutritional status of children. As a result, the program has contributed to a reduction in child mortality and morbidity rates in the country.

Additionally, ICDS has focused on the holistic development of children, including their cognitive, social, and emotional development. The program has provided a platform for early education and has helped children develop basic skills, such as language, numeracy, and problem-solving.

Other ICDS Full Forms

If you want to know more about other full forms of ICDS Word see the below table:

TermFull FormCategory
ICDSIntegrated Child Development ServicesIndian Government
ICDSImproved Container Delivery SystemMilitary and Defence
ICDSIntegrated Cockpit Display SystemsTechnology
AcademicIbn Khaldoun Center for Development StudiesAcedmic

FAQs- What Is The ICDS Full Form?

Q.1. What is the ICDS Full Form?

Ans. ICDS stands for Integrated Child Development Services.

Q.2. What is ICDS?

Ans. ICDS is a government-sponsored program in India aimed at providing early childhood care and development, nutrition, and health services to children under the age of six and their mothers.

Q.3. When was ICDS launched?

Ans. ICDS was launched in India on October 2, 1975.

Q.4. What are the objectives of ICDS?

Ans. The objectives of ICDS are to improve the health, nutrition, and education of children under six years old and promote the overall development of women and children in India.

Q.5. What services are provided under ICDS?

Ans. ICDS provides a range of services, including supplementary nutrition, preschool education, immunization, health and nutrition information, referral services, and health inspections, to support the health and well-being of women and children.

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