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EAD Full Form: Unraveling the Definition and Significance of EAD in US Immigration

Do you know what is the EAD Full Form? EAD is an abbreviation for the work permit or, authoritatively it is also known as Form I-766. EAD Full Form stands for Employment Authorization Document. In the United States, you can confirm that you are eligible to work through this document legally. Those people who live in the United States and those who applied for a green card, but till the completion of the application, they can obtain EAD to work in the United States. In addition, spouses of H-1B workers, students holding F-1 student visas, and K-1 fiancé visa holders may apply for a work permit under certain circumstances.

You can apply for any legally recognized job that is accessible on the “open market” if your Form I-766 is connected to your green card application; unlike an H-1B, your EAD won’t tie you to a specific employer.

Who Can Get the EAD Permit?

You must submit Form I-765, also known as an Application for Employment Authorization, in order to receive a work permit. The Employment Authorization Document (EAD Full Form), which is the topic of this article, is not to be confused with Form I-766, which is its legal designation.

You do not need to apply for an EAD if you already have a green card or are employed in the United States on a non-immigrant visa (such as an H-1B). Your visa gives you permission to work. You might be able to file Form I-765, however, if you’re waiting for your green card or asylum application to be approved, or if you’re in the country on a nonimmigrant visa that enables you to work but first needs you to obtain Employment Authorization Document (Full Form of EDA).

Keep in mind that those requesting a green card through consular processing from outside the country do not require an EAD as they will already have permission to work in the country whenever they arrive.

How to Get an EAD Card?

All EAD applicants must submit Form I-765, however, the kinds of proof that are needed will differ based on your circumstance. For instance, if you’re an F-1 student searching for a job off campus because you’re having financial troubles, you’ll need to provide supporting documentation like the following:

  • Documentation showing that you have been an F-1 student for the entire educational year
  • You need to prove that the job will not interrupt your studies
  • You need to have complete documents to prove that you have a full course load
  • You need to prove that employment will help alleviate “severe economic hardship”

These are but a handful of instances that explicitly relate to “F-1 Students Seeking Off-Campus Employment Due to Severe Economic Hardship.” In addition to a variety of wider categories, there are other subcategories for F-1 students, each with its specific criteria.

Overall, anyone filling out Form I-765 must attach the following documents:

  • Copy of Passport, That contains your original photo
  • Two 2×2 passport-style photographs (with alien registration number and full name on the back)
  •  I-94 travel records
  • If applicable, other copies of work permits
  • US Visa copy, which can be found in your passport

If you are requesting an EAD after submitting Form I-485, you might additionally need to include documentation demonstrating that your green card application is still being processed. As an alternative, you can submit Form I-765 together with your application for a green card.

How to Use EAD in Work?

As soon as you have your work visa, if you have never worked in the US before, you must obtain a Social Security number (SSN). Fortunately, you don’t need to go to the local Social Security Administration office because you may apply for a Social Security number or replacement card right through the work permit application.

Your employer must have you fill out an I-9 form (Employment Eligibility Verification) and provide documentation proving your right to work in the US before you can begin working. Employers cannot treat you differently in the US based on your immigration status as long as you have a social security number and a work permit. In the US, you’ll have to pay payroll and income taxes just like everyone else.

If you fail to pay your required taxes so you may be punished with serious penalties and jeopardize your future application for U.S. citizenship.

What are the consequences of working without authorization?

Without a work permit, you run the danger of losing your whole green card application. Any green card application submitted by a candidate who has previously worked without authorization will be thoroughly examined by USCIS. Only a few extremely particular circumstances—like the fact that spouses of U.S. citizens who have previously worked without authorization won’t be prevented from getting a green card—USCIS can ignore unlawful employment.

Depending on how long you were employed without permission, the consequences for working without authorization include a three- or ten-year entry ban in the United States.

What If Your EAD Card Expires or You lose It?

Obtaining a new work permit (Form I-766) is a rather simple procedure. Ultimately, you need to confirm that you still qualify for job authorization before applying for a renewal or replacement. If so, follow the instructions below to get a new Employment Authorization Document (EAD Full Form):

Renewing Your EAD- You can renew your work permit by simply submitting a new Form I-765 if it has already expired or will do so within the next six months. If you haven’t requested and been granted a fee waiver, you’ll also need to pay a filing fee (just like with the initial application).

Replacing Your EAD- As mentioned above, you can file Form I-765 if your work permit has been damaged, lost, or stolen (with any required fees). You can file a request to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration (USCIS) services informing them that the card has not yet been provided.

On the other hand, if your card is factually erroneous when you obtain it (without USCIS’s fault), you can once more file Form I-765 along with the filing fee, original permission and any necessary proof (listed in the filing instructions).

EAD Full Form

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