CDR Full Form

CDR Full Form: What does CDR stand for?

Do you know what is the CDR Full Form? The full form of CDR is Call Detail Record. It is your calling history data, which includes important data like the caller’s identity and phone number, outgoing call details, received call details, date and time, etc. Telecommunications companies and service providers often use CDR to track usage, billing, and performance metrics. They may also be used in investigations, audits, or legal proceedings to provide evidence of communication.

What is the CDR Full Form?

CDR- Call Detail Record

CDR Full Form in Hindi – कॉल विवरण रिकॉर्ड.

What is the CDR (Call Detail Record)

A call detail record (CDR) provides all vital data relating to a phone number or user’s phone system use. Generally, this data carries the following information:

  • The data includes information on the date, time, duration, phone numbers of the caller and called parties, and the type of call (inbound, outbound, or toll-free).
  • CDRs may also include metadata from text messages and other internal communications, but they do not reveal the message’s contents or call anyone without legal permission.
  • Instead, CDRs infer basic call characteristics and usage. Using CDR, telecommunications companies and other service providers track usage, billing, and performance metrics.

What types of data are included in the CDR Report

A Call Detail Record (CDR) typically includes the following types of data:

  1. Date and time of the call or communication
  2. Duration of the call or communication (in seconds or minutes)
  3. Phone numbers of the calling and called person
  4. Call type (inbound, outbound, or toll-free)
  5. Type of communication (voice call, text message, etc.)
  6. Call routing information
  7. Call quality and performance metrics (such as jitter and packet loss)
  8. Any applicable charges or fees associated with the call or communication
  9. Location data (if available)
  10. Additional metadata related to the call or communication include caller ID and call forwarding information.

The exact data included in a CDR can vary depending on the telecommunications provider or service used.

Uses of CDR

The following examples demonstrate the use of Call Detail Records (CDR):

Billing: Customers’ accurate billing statements are produced using CDR, which is utilized to track use. The CDR includes details about the call’s length, type, and associated costs or fees.

Fraud Detection: CDR can be used to identify dishonest behavior, like using SIM cards or phone systems without authorization.

Performance Monitoring: CDR can be used to track a system’s or network’s efficiency in terms of call quality, connection, and dependability.

Customer service: CDR is a tool that can be used to settle client complaints or inquiries about call quality, usage, or invoicing.

Compliance: Laws or regulations frequently stipulate that CDRs must be kept on file for a specific amount of time. This guarantees adherence to numerous laws governing data retention and privacy.

Investigations: CDRs can be utilized in judicial or investigative processes to support communications or to reconstruct circumstances surrounding a specific communication.

CDR Full Form

Other CDR Full Forms List

TermFull FormCategory
CDRCall Detail RecordTelecommunication
CDRChadron (ne)Airport Code
CDRConstant Default RateBanking
CDRCorporate Debt RestructuringBanking
CDRCall Detail RecordingComputer and Networking
CDRCompact Disc-RecordableComputer
CDRContents of Destination RegisterComputer Assembly Language
CDRContents of Decrement RegisterComputer Assembly Language
CDRContents of Data RegisterComputer Assembly Language
CDRChemical Distribution RoomChemistry
CDRClinical Data RepositoryMedical
CDRCurrent Drain ReductionElectronics
CDRComplementarity Determining RegionElectronics
CDRCoreldraw Format Vector GraphicsFile Type
CDRContinuous Data RecordingMilitary and Defence
CDRCamp Dining RoomMilitary and Defence
CDRCommitted Data RateNetworking
CDRConvection Dominant ReflowPhysics Related
CDRCritical Design ReviewSpace Science
CDRCleaning and Decontamination RequestSpace Science
CDRCommanderSpace Science
CDRChina Depository ReceiptsStock Exchange
CDRCrash Data RetrievalSoftwares
CDRCompact Disc RecordableSoftwares
CDRControlled Directional ReceptionRadio Science
CDRClock and Data RecoveryTelecommunication

FAQs – What is the CDR Full Form?

What is the full form of CDR?

The full form of CDR is “Call Detail Record.

What is a Call Detail Record (CDR)?

CDR is a digital record of a telephone call or communication that includes information such as the date, time, duration, calling party, called party, and any applicable charges or fees.

What is the CDR’s full form in banking?

The full CDR form in banking is a Constant Default Rate/Call Deposit Receipt.

What is the cdr full form on the computer?

In computers, the full form of CDR is Compact Disc-Recordable.

What is the cdr full form in medical?

In medicine, the full form of CDR is the Clinical Data Repository.

What is CDR’s full form in immunology?

Complementarity-determining regions (CDRs) form integral segments within the variable chains of immunoglobulins (antibodies) and T-cell receptors. B-cells and T-cells, responsible for their generation, craft these regions to enable the precise binding of these molecules to their unique antigens. A collection of CDRs collectively shapes what is known as a paratope.

What is Cdr full form in Navy?

In a military context, a senior officer with the rank of Commander (CDR) is authorized to lead various units, including a frigate, destroyer, fast-attack submarine, smaller amphibious ship, aviation squadron, SEAL team, or shore installation.

What is cdr full form in Population?

The crude birth rate (CBR) and Crude Death Rate (CDR) both encapsulate a straightforward concept: they denote the number of births and deaths taking place in a specific year per 1000 individuals in the population.

What is CDR’s full form in CorelDRAW?

CorelDRAW (CDR) files predominantly consist of vector graphic drawings. Vectors serve as the foundation, delineating an image through a series of graphic primitives such as rectangles, lines, text, arcs, and ellipses.

What is cdr full form in Economics?

The currency deposit ratio indicates (CDR) the proportion of currency that individuals hold relative to the total aggregate deposits.

What is cdr full form in Police?

Call Detail Records (CDRs) offer substantial information that proves valuable in identifying suspects. This includes insights into their communication patterns, behavior, and location.

What is cdr full form in Computer?

Content Disarm & Reconstruction (CDR) is a computer security technology designed to eliminate malicious code from files within an enterprise network.

What is cdr full form in medical

Child Death Review (CDR) is a plan to figure out why kids die in different places. It helps start special health actions for children. Analysis of child deaths provides information on Medical causes. Social factors.

What information does a CDR contain?

Typically includes calling and called party numbers, time and duration of call, call type (voice, data, etc.), location information (cell tower), and sometimes call cost.

Who uses CDRs?

Telecommunications companies (telcos) for billing, network monitoring, fraud detection, and customer service. Businesses for employee expense tracking, call analysis, and improving communication efficiency. Law enforcement for investigations.

Are CDRs private?

Yes, they contain personal information and are subject to privacy regulations. Access and use are typically restricted.

How long are CDRs stored?

Varies by regulations and company policies, typically several months to years.

Can I access my own CDRs?

Yes, usually by contacting your telecom provider.

How are CDRs used for analytics?

To identify calling patterns, analyze network performance, track employee communications, and optimize marketing campaigns.

Are CDRs anonymized for analytics?

Sometimes, anonymization methods vary and may not guarantee complete privacy.

Who can access my CDRs?

Authorized personnel at your telecom provider, law enforcement with warrants, and, in some cases, regulatory bodies.

Are CDRs used for targeted advertising?

Potentially, this is often anonymized data and subject to regulations.

How can I protect my privacy regarding CDRs?

Be mindful of information you share over phone calls, choose providers with strong privacy policies, and understand data retention practices.

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